Our Adventures

London By Foot

October 29, 2011 After spending our morning and part of the afternoon at the Borough Market, we pulled out our map and started walking. Our goal was to make it to the Houses of Parliament (Big Ben) and Westminster Abbey. It was only a couple of miles, so instead of taking the bus or the […]

To Market, To Market…

October 29, 2011 On a crisp, cool Saturday morning, Geoff and I decided to head out and explore Central London. We took the train a few stops into the city, and then headed out with our maps and cameras. The Borough Market was something I had read about online, and was our first stop for […]

Sneaky Crypts & Sparkly Heels

October 28, 2011 It was the Friday night before Halloween weekend and we decided to hit the town! Our first stop was the Tales From the Sneaky Crypt custom toy art show at the Kidrobot store in the hip neighborhood of Covent Garden. The Halloween themed show was curated by artist & designer Sneaky Raccoon […]

Pub Love

October 25, 2011 We had this grand idea of what all British pubs were going to be like: Dark, full of character, and a portly old bartender with a thick accent behind the bar. Sadly, the few that we had gone into didn’t quite fit the bill. They were just like any other bar in […]

The Museum of Everything

October 22, 2011 While cruising the web looking for things to do in London, we randomly stumbled across something called The Museum of Everything. Of course, with a name like that, we had to check it out. It is described as “London’s first ever space for artist and creators living outside our modern society.” The […]

Our New Home

October 6, 2011 Two and a half weeks after landing in London, we moved into our new flat. Woo hoooooo! We were SO excited to get settled in and have a place of our own. The apartment is in Greenwich, just a short walk to the park, the Thames river, and to the rail station. […]

Our Week With Darren & Pierre

October 1, 2011 We finally found the perfect place to live… but it wouldn’t be ready for another week. Ugh. We didn’t want to spend any more time (or money) staying at the hotel. What were we to do?! Luckily, we have some amazing friends named Darren and Pierre who offered to let us stay […]

A Trip to Bournemouth

September 27, 2011 A week after we arrived in London, Geoff and I headed to Bournemouth for my first day of class. The ‘Overseas Nurses Programme’ (I’m still getting used to spelling things incorrectly on purpose…) was the last thing I needed to do to get my nursing license in the UK. It consisted of […]

Life in the Hotel

September 21, 2011 Geoff and I stayed in the Hotel Ibis in Greenwich for 10 days while we searched for a flat. Since Maudie was with us, this was pretty much the only hotel we could afford that took cats and wasn’t either ridiculously expensive or extremely disgusting. It was definitely a ‘no frills’ hotel, […]

Adios America, Hello London!

September 20, 2011 After spending a few days with Chelsea’s family in San Diego, it was time to get ready for the flight from LA to London. Chelsea’s mom and sister Corie drove us up to Los Angeles the day before our flight. It was tough saying goodbye, but we knew it wasn’t forever. That […]

Spending Time in California

September 16, 2011 After two VERY long days of driving across the US, we made it to my parents’ house in California. We got there on Friday afternoon, and stayed until the next Monday night. One of the best parts was that my sister Corie surprised us and flew out from New York! Crystal (and […]

A Night at Vine Street

September 10, 2011 What an amazing night!¬†Geoff and I said goodbye to Denver with an evening at our favorite bar, Vine Street. There were quite a few other things going on that night around town, so we were shocked and happy to have so many people stop by and join us. What we didn’t realize […]