Out for a Stroll

January 7, 2012

It was a beautiful, crisp January morning and Chelsea was at work, so I decided to head out and explore new parts of London. I loaded up my bag with my camera, some snacks and my iPod… everything I need for a good afternoon. From there, I hopped on the train and decided to get off in the Hoxton neighborhood because I hadn’t wandered around that part of town. After cruising around the alleys of Hoxton looking for graffiti, I headed down the main street. Luckily, this led me to a small bridge over a canal that I had no idea even existed. Once I saw the water, I knew I had to check it out.

After finding Regent’s Canal, I ended up spending the next 7 hours walking along a 10 mile stretch of the most beautiful part of London… the water. I saw everything from warehouses to house boats, graffiti to water birds. Oh yeah, and I broke my toe right before walking out the door… but I wasn’t going to let something like a broken pinky toe stop me from seeing London.

Here are a few highlights from my day.


Cool little trailer from Sweet Toof.
It’s about time that this classic Joy Division song inspired some graffiti.
Pretty sure I’ve never seen this before… ever.
Me too.
Now I see why trolls hang out under bridges… not a bad view.
Cut-paper artist Swoon had run through town the week before… pretty excited to find this one. I’m a big fan.
TYPE… always goes big.
I love finding random little notes that people leave each other.
So wise.
SATAN has one of the best tags I’ve seen in a long time. Throw up the horns!
Sweet Toof strikes again!
Apparently, somebody hates Banksy… but it is pretty darn clever. In case you can’t tell, that black rectangle is painted over a figure that Banksy had put up earlier. The top says “I see a Banksy and have to paint it black.”
There are a TON of house boats along the canal… so cool to see.
Just because you live on a boat doesn’t mean you can’t have an Archie Bunker-style recliner.
Boat love.
Happy graffiti… for Chelsea.
I think we could live on this bad boy.
Seeing people pull up to the channel locks in their little boats is just awesome… makes you forget you’re in London.
This may be the most historic and controversial piece in the city of London. Since it’s original piece in 1985, there has been a feud between London legend Robbo and rockstar artist Banksy. Check out a photo history of the feud here.
Camden Town has one of the prettiest parts of Regent’s Canal.
Caught this guy having fun with his pup… he must have jumped in the water 20 times!
There is no shortage of food vendors in Camden.
“Just enough until I need more.” I love this.
Ouch. That is one sad, sinking boat.
Just a little canal boat bus.
Met this little guy near the end of my trip. He walked with me for a while and showed me around.  Don’t tell Maudie.
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