Chip off the Ol’ Block

January 14, 2012

When we heard that the London Ice Sculpting Festival was only a few tube stops away at Canary Wharf, Chelsea and I were pretty excited to go check it out! Eight teams from around the world were competing for the title and they were absolute artists with blocks of ice as their medium. Being able to start out with giant slabs of ice and visualize these 3-D sculptures is beyond me. Using various chisels, chainsaws, Dremels (and anything else they could) the teams worked for hours in the freezing cold to create these masterpieces.

Below are a few photos from the festival. There are more on our Flickr page.


Tools of the trade.
Workin’ hard.
The detail in the hair of this sculpture was unreal. Remember folks, this is ice.
After the Festival, we headed over to the Portobello Road street market to enjoy the sunny day… and some yummy pizza.
Had to pick up a few of these bad boys.
A giant donut?! Yes, please.
Now that is happiness.
And then we ran into this little guy! In case you didn’t know, French bulldogs are one of our favorite dogs and this one also happened to have our favorite color combo – tan fur with a dark nose.
AND he was wearing a sock monkey sweater!! Yup, he was the perfect puppy. We thought about stealing him…
This 200 year old man was working away while his pup (in a snazzy sweater) just laid on his shoulders as if it was nothing. He wins the “Cool Old Guy of the Day” award.
Chelsea is a GIANT over here. Just look at her compared to this normal-sized truck!
This is the face we both make when the other one takes a photo of us solo.
London’s canals are by far some of the most beautiful parts of the city.
 To pass through the channel locks, boaters (that’s the official term) have to hop out of their boat and open them with a huge wrench. It’s pretty cool to watch this, as it seems like something that would have been updated over the past hundred years.
Passing under one of the many bridges over the canals.
Along the water in Camden Town, you can grab a bite from one of the many vendors and hop on one of these scooters that have been modified and turned into chairs.


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