To Market, To Market…

October 29, 2011

On a crisp, cool Saturday morning, Geoff and I decided to head out and explore Central London. We took the train a few stops into the city, and then headed out with our maps and cameras. The Borough Market was something I had read about online, and was our first stop for the day. We went expecting a little farmer’s market, and were blown away by the size of what we found. It was HUGE!!! We spent the better part of the day walking from stall to stall, mesmerized by the beautiful colors and delicious looking food. Oh, and the day we went was the Saturday before Halloween. It’s not a big holiday here, but we found a few food vendors dressed up as vampires or zombies serving food to the crowds. It was great!

It seemed like every other booth was selling cheese… piles and piles of delicious cheese. Yum. One stand in particular had this crazy contraption, where they would take half of a huge cheese wheel and put it under a fire until the top layer was bubbling and melting. They would then take the block of cheese and scrape the huge pile of melted goodness onto a plate of potatoes, ready to eat. The cheese wheel would then go back under the fire, to heat up before being scraped off again. So cool!

We didn’t end up buying much, but the find of the day was a company called the Cool Chile Company, which sold all sorts of Mexican spices! We ended up buying a highly overpriced jar of chipotle chiles, which was completely worth it to taste those flavors again! I had been looking for chipotle chiles since we moved here, and was so sad that they didn’t seem to exist.

After making our way through the entire market, it was time for lunch. We went back to one of the stands that was cooking huge pots of indian food, and bought some Tikka Masala. We sat on a little doorstep on the edge of the market, did some people-watching, and shared our lunch. With our bellies full, we wandered off to see more of this amazing city…

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We tasted this cheese, Belper Knolle, that looked sort of like a hard rock. When shaved, it is a very strong, salty, garlic flavored cheese that is used for a seasoning. Yum.
Zombies passing out olives to taste before Halloween.
A beautiful display of different kinds of olives.
Different marmalades and chutneys that were meant to go on ‘pies’.
At a Mediterranean food stand, this was one of the many hummus-like dishes you could buy.
The Cool Chile Co’s display of different mexican spices to buy. We were SO excited to see this place!
Cheese being scraped onto potatoes and pickles after being roasted under an open flame.
One of the many cheese stands giving someone a sample off of a gigantic knife…
These are bins of ‘turkish delight’, a type of gummy candy that has all sorts of different flavors (ie. rose, lavender, lemon, pistachio)
A sad pig in front of a pork sandwich stand:)
This is where we got our lunch that day. These huge pots are full of Vietnamese curry and chicken tikka masala.
Huge bowls of flavored sea salt.
This guy shared his lunch with one VERY happy cat.
A beautiful church on the edge of the market.
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