The Shores of Brighton

December 1, 2011

With our big move to London, one of our main goals was to get out and see Europe. So, we try to plan one trip a month outside of London. In December, Chelsea and I were looking for a fun little trip somewhere in England. Nothing too crazy. Nothing too complicated. Just fun. After doing a little research, we decided to check out the beachside town of Brighton. It’s only an hour away from London by train, which made for the perfect getaway. Liberal, young and artistic… but with a great sense of history. We spent 3 days walking along the beach, exploring the town, enjoying small pubs and finding some pretty cool stuff.

Below are a few of our favorite shots from the trip. To see the other million photos, check out our Flickr set.

Upon our arrival in Brighton, we noticed there was a freeloader on our train. Lazy bird.
We were so excited to be there that we found the first thing we could jump off and took these awesome photos.

The Brighton Pier is like stepping back in time, in a really cool way.
Apparently, there is a large community of transvestite motorcycle enthusiasts here.
We got some rain while we were out and about… but a little rain won’t stop us from wandering!
Here is the view from our hotel room. Not a bad way to start the day.
Our daily morning walk along the shore into town.
We found this cool rock with a hole in it… the ocean can make some pretty awesome accidents.
Lupita and Pablo were happy to soak up some sun.
We found a little gallery showing the work of Rob Ryan, our new favorite artist.
All of his work is handcut paper… insane!
Random graffiti.
Ohhhhhh snap… we found Waldo!! He’s been cruising the streets of Brighton. Mystery solved.
We stumbled across this great little divey pub. We enjoyed a dee-licious pizza and a pint.
This awesome display was inside the museum. We had to try it on for size.
The water at night… kinda eerie.
Headed back to our hotel… and having a great time.
Ummm… yeah. Our hotel room was totally crooked. This photo does not do the crookedness any justice. Pretty funny.
The weathered skeleton of the old Brighton Pier.
Brighton has one of the greatest pieces of public art that I have ever seen. It is a perforated steel screen portraying every type of couple celebrating their love with a kiss. I wish more cities had the courage to display some art that actually means something to the world. Hint, hint… I’m talking to you, Denver.
Fresh donuts on the pier… hell yeah!!
The London Eye has nothing on this beachside bad boy.
This caught my eye as we cruised the town. I love the symmetry.
For our last dinner in Brighton, we got all gussied up and went to the highly-recommended Bill’s Restaurant. The food and the atmosphere were incredible.
Goodbye Brighton. We heart you.


~Posted by the boy~