The Museum of Everything

October 22, 2011

While cruising the web looking for things to do in London, we randomly stumbled across something called The Museum of Everything. Of course, with a name like that, we had to check it out. It is described as “London’s first ever space for artist and creators living outside our modern society.” The floating museum holds is exhibitions in various spaces around London. The 2 exhibitions we were lucky enough to see were held in the Selfridges building, a high-end shopping mall on Oxford Street.

Exhibition #4 is the first global survey of progressive studios for self-taught artists across the planet. The museum describes them as “Hidden from view around our world, humble pockets of creativity bustle: dynamic studios where self-taught artists discover, form & make.” This show had work in all mediums and from every corner of the world. If you have ever been to The Mission District of San Francisco, you may have seen a studio called Creativity Explored, which is an art center for people with disabilities. If you ever want to see unique artwork or feel like you need to be inspired, stop by. The work being produced by these artists with varying levels of physical and mental disabilities will open your eyes and make you realize what can be done if you have the drive and the spirit.


Exhibiton #4.1 is the largest & first British retrospective of self-taught fibre artist Judith Scott and features 55 of her astonishing constructions. The artist was born profoundly deaf, mute, and with Down Syndrome. Chelsea and I got there just in time to catch a documentary about the artist and her work, all of which was made at the Creative Growth Art Center. After the film, the museum director brought up some interesting points about the idea of “what is art?” and the positives & negatives of calling the work “outsider art”. But that is a much longer conversation for another day. To see a short introduction to her work, check out this video.


After the art show, we decided to wander the neighborhood.
Here are a few things we found on our walk.

As we were walking, this Handyman truck pulled up with the driver singing songs through a loud speaker.
Oh yeah, and there were bubbles coming out of the truck. So rad.
Looking up at huge metal spheres installation art in an alley.
Kinda cool.
Chelsea, the map master.


The glowing blue lights of the BBC building.
Some gigantic hotel doing it best castle impersonation.
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