Pub Love

October 25, 2011

We had this grand idea of what all British pubs were going to be like: Dark, full of character, and a portly old bartender with a thick accent behind the bar. Sadly, the few that we had gone into didn’t quite fit the bill. They were just like any other bar in the US, but the people had accents and we didn’t know any of the beers.

Then one night we decided to go wander around the neighborhood. We had no plan; we just bundled up against the cold and went walking. A few minutes down the road we saw a strange-looking building in the distance, and decided to go check it out. As we got closer to the building, we realized that just past it was the Thames river. It was so close! We had been living in the flat for a few weeks, and had no idea that the river was as close as it was. We spent the evening walking down the Thames and taking photos along the way. We found a pub that we liked on the edge of the river, with a nice atmosphere and lots of places to sit.

We went back a few nights later and discovered one of the most annoying things about the pubs here: They close early. It was only 11:30pm, and they were about to lock up. Dejected, Geoff and I turned around to head home and decided to see if there was a chance that any of the other pubs we had seen were open. We had walked by one earlier in the night, but decided not to go in because it was filled with a much older population:) But at this point, age didn’t matter. Since it was still open, we went in and grabbed a pint. And guess what? It turned out to be one of the coolest places we had been in so far! Our new watering hole is called The Pelton Arms – a warm and inviting pub, with comfy old couches and aging chairs, a bar billiards table, and a huge back patio. It doesn’t have a portly old bartender, but the young man behind the bar is incredibly friendly and already knows us by name. They have quiz nights every week (we fail miserably at the British pop culture questions!), live music every weekend, and a knitting group on Wednesdays. As strange as it sounds, it’s become our place to go when we want to get out of the house for a while. Geoff has been trying a different ale or lager each time, and I stick to the delicious ciders they have on tap. The same cute little old men are there every time we show up, and one of these days we’ll learn their names. Since we had to leave Vine Street back in Denver, The Pelton Arms has become our new favorite neighborhood place to hang out.


This is ‘The Yacht’, the first little pub we found that we liked. It’s on a narrow footpath on the bank of the Thames.
Wandering along the Thames path.

Chillin’ at The Pelton Arms

Nan, this one is for you: We were about to leave when we realized we were sitting at table number 9. We thought it was a good sign…

We’re not exactly sure what happened here, but the end result was kinda cool:)
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