Our New Home

October 6, 2011

Two and a half weeks after landing in London, we moved into our new flat. Woo hoooooo! We were SO excited to get settled in and have a place of our own. The apartment is in Greenwich, just a short walk to the park, the Thames river, and to the rail station.

Although it came furnished, we were still missing quite a few necessities. A few days after moving in we made a trip to Ikea and Costco with Darren and Pierre. You should have seen us on the drive home! Pierre’s car is about the size a honda civic, and we managed to fit two full length mirrors, a coffee table, two end tables, a few cases of wine, a trash can, and a ridiculous amount of other little things in the car with us! The drive home was comical, with food piled over the top of us, Darren sitting in the front seat with two huge lamp shades in his lap, and Pierre not really being able to see any of his mirrors. Ah, good times… But now we finally have knives (I had been using a tiny pocket knife to chop stuff for dinner), and once we bought a screwdriver we had a functioning coffee table:)

Oh, and we have two bedrooms, so if you feel like coming to visit, now’s the time!

Click here to see a few more photos of the flat.

~Posted by the girl~