Life in the Hotel

September 21, 2011

Geoff and I stayed in the Hotel Ibis in Greenwich for 10 days while we searched for a flat. Since Maudie was with us, this was pretty much the only hotel we could afford that took cats and wasn’t either ridiculously expensive or extremely disgusting. It was definitely a ‘no frills’ hotel, but it was clean and was in a great location. Our biggest complaint was that there was no mini-fridge, which meant we couldn’t buy anything that needed to be kept cold. We had a lot of bread and cheese, nutella, and pot noodle (a very bland version of cup’o’noodle), and were SO ready to cook a real meal by the time we left.

Overall, this first part of the trip was incredibly frustrating. The hotel didn’t have internet, so we spent our days between Starbucks and the internet cafe looking for places to live. We would look up a bunch of different flats, email the agencies, and leave messages on their answering machines. Whenever we did get appointments to see apartments, we were completely let down when we got there. The ones in our budget that were furnished were either gross and dirty and unlivable, or they were in terrible neighborhoods that we wouldn’t feel safe walking around at night.

Luckily, it all worked out:) We found a flat in East Greenwich (a neighborhood in London, for those of you who don’t know), and it was perfect – clean, new, very modern and just barely within our budget. Unfortunately we couldn’t move in for another week, but Darren and Pierre came to the rescue. Friends of my cousins, I had met Darren and Pierre six years ago while backpacking through Europe. When we realized that we would be moving over here, we got back in touch and they were an enormous help to us throughout the entire moving process. We met up one evening while staying at the Ibis, and had an incredible night filled with food, booze, and great company. After finding our flat, we decided to take them up on their offer to let us stay with them for a week before it was ready (Stay tuned, there will be a post on that as well!). I can’t tell you how incredibly happy we were when we moved out of the hotel and into their house!

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