Brian & Simon Visit London!

December 23, 2011

Last summer, a group of us were out to dinner in Denver and one of the topics of discussion was our move to London. All of a sudden, Brian asked if we were going to be alone for the holidays. I said yes, because of the crazy cost to fly home. He then turned to Simon and said “Do we have plans for the holidays?” Simon said “No, I don’t think so. Wanna go to London?” And that was it. The trip was planned on the spot! I couldn’t believe it. Chelsea and I were so excited to have some of our closest friends fly over to spend the holidays with us. Here are some shots of our week together.

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The boys arrive safe and sound… time for a pint!
What is the first thing that Americans want to eat in London (especially if they are foodies)? Yup, authentic Indian food. Mmmmm.
It was time to head out and explore the city. Brian decided to put on his fancy lad outfit… complete with Big Bird scarf and plaid hat. Sooo British.
We showed the boys one our favorite spots, Borough Market.
Brian doing his best waif model impersonation. Stunning.
Simon was preparing a delicious Xmas day meal for all of us, so the three of us went for a walk up through Greenwich Park and up to Blackheath.
Our Xmas card.
The boys gave us a GREAT gift for the holidays… tickets for the four of us to go see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (the musical)!
It was a beautiful, old theatre inside.
After the show, we wandered through Soho and found some great pubs.
We all stopped in our tracks when we saw this skull made of thread in the window of a gallery. Awe-inspiring.
Then it was off to an incredible vegetarian Indian restaurant that Brian and Simon knew about from past travels to London. That giant tube in front of us is actually some delicious bread. Soooo good, I miss it already.
On another wander around town, we caught this sunset glimpse of The Eye while crossing a bridge over the Thames River.
I showed the boys around Shoreditch and some of its best graffiti.
We ended the afternoon with a pint in this little old pub. The perfect way to end a visit from great friends. Thanks guys!!


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