Barcelona : Day 4

November 17, 2011

It was our last day in Barcelona and we knew there were still some parts of the city that we hadn’t seen. So we packed up our bags, found a train station locker to store them in, and headed out with coffee in hand. It turned out to be the perfect weather for a day of walking around, sunny and cool. Aside from our usual wandering… we had a few places that we wanted to check out: the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, the Olympic Stadium, the Cementiri de Montjuïc, and the Boqueria Market.

Barcelona is one of those cities that no matter where you look, the architecture is beautiful. While exploring the city, you are constantly surrounded by rich colors, beautiful stone buildings and ornate details. And if you look hard enough, you can always find something unique and interesting that breaks up this historic view. It could be graffiti, an art sculpture, or an old man playing the guitar on the street. Whatever it is, it reminds you you of how incredible this city really is.

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Typical architecture in the streets of Barcelona.

Steel wall sculpture.

Random balcony graffiti… love it.

The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Pablo and Lupita were having a great time sightseeing!

The super-cool Olympic Stadium

The Cementiri de Montjuïc is absolutely the most unbelievable cemetery we have ever seen. Established in 1883, there are over 150,000 people buried here!

There are over 57 acres of mausoleums, decorated with everything from flowers to personal items.

Some mausoleums contain the entire family.

You aren’t supposed to take any photos in the cemetery, so I was only able to sneak a few. Chels was my lookout.

The Boqueria Market sells everything from fresh fruits & vegetables to delicious local artisan chocolates.

Check out these little dudes.

Back in the alley-filled neighborhood of Barri Gotic.

Just cuz…

Before heading off to the airport, we ended the night down by the water. Sitting there, we couldn’t stop talking about what a great trip we had.
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