Barcelona : Day 1

November 14, 2011

Our 1st anniversary was approaching and Chelsea & I knew we wanted to go somewhere fun to celebrate our big day. But where should we go? Greece? Spain? Germany? Amsterdam? I know, I know… what a problem to have. After finally deciding on Spain, we found a great deal for a getaway to Barcelona. We were both soooo excited for the trip! Four days in an amazing city… the food, the people, the architecture. We were literally counting down the days to our trip.

We knew very little about the history of Barcelona, so we decided to walk everywhere and explore as many small streets and neighborhoods as possible. The main streets were packed with tourists and business people headed every which way. The narrow alleys of Barri Gotic were full of locals peddling their goods and beautiful buildings that were so old they made the States look like a baby. Much to my delight, there was graffiti everywhere! Some good, some bad. While cruising through the neighborhoods, you were never far from a local tapas bar to stop at for a bite and a drink. We definitely had our fair share of Chelsea’s favorite snack… Spanish tortilla.

Here are a few shots from our first day. To see all of the photos from our first day, click here.


We decided to take the earliest flight we could, so we could have as much time as possible in Barcelona. Unfortunately, we didn’t really think about how early that was. We had to get a cab at 3:40 am to catch the train to the airport. Ugh.
After checking into the hotel, our first stop was a little tapas bar. Old and cozy, this quaint place used to be horse stables. If you’re ever in Spain, I recommend Estrella beer.

What’s better to do after drinking some delicious Spanish beer? How about heading to a church? And not just any old church… a REALLY old church. We spent a few hours exploring the incredible Santa Maria del Pi. Originally built in the 14th century, the church was gutted by fire in 1936 and restored in the 1960s.


Each of the alcoves is completely mind-blowing! There was so much detail put into each piece.


The floor was covered in decaying carved stone pieces… including this skull & cross bones. So rad.


Loved the guy with the skull. Shocker, right?


Down to the crypt we go!


This room was full of chalices, crucifixes and other hyper-detailed silver and gold pieces… including a real crown! It was really cool to see all of this work that was created by hand several hundred years ago – no Photoshop, no CAD… just pure artisans.


Hmmm… the cloaked figure at the bottom of this piece was a little disturbing to say the least. Then we remembered a scene from “Davinci Code” where they discussed similar religious figures. Still, pretty unsettling to see.


These cartoony little doodles look a lot like the work of pop-surrealist Gary Baseman. Inspiration perhaps, Gary?


This calligraphy was mesmerizing. Soooo clean and uber-detailed. I may have drooled a bit.


The perfect way to end the day.
~Posted by the boy~