Adios America, Hello London!

September 20, 2011

After spending a few days with Chelsea’s family in San Diego, it was time to get ready for the flight from LA to London. Chelsea’s mom and sister Corie drove us up to Los Angeles the day before our flight. It was tough saying goodbye, but we knew it wasn’t forever. That night, Jon and Katie visited us at the hotel… with food and drinks in hand. Now that is friendship! It was great to spend a few hours with this soon-to-be married couple and hear about their new life in Los Angeles.Wish we could be there to celebrate their wedding.

The morning of our flight was an adventure. We had to get Maudie to her special carrier company for Virgin 4 hours before our flight… awesome. Of course, we went to the wrong place at first. Once we found the right person to talk to, Maudie got the royal treatment – special stickers, paperwork and measurements. Only the best for our girl. After we handed her over to the carriers, it was time for us to head over to the airport. Luckily, LAX was surprisingly easy to get through. We spent the next few hours making phone calls and saying goodbye to friends.

The flight was great. We didn’t sleep much, but it had nothing to do with Virgin. We had great service and a big selection of shows & movies. It was probably due to a combination of nerves, excitement and anticipation. 10 hours later we landed at Heathrow… let the fun begin. We had to get our luggage, find a cab and figure out where in London Maudie was!! We happened to get an incredibly nice cabbie who was a great ambassador for London. Unfortunately, he took us to the wrong place (our fault). The woman who worked there felt bad for us and took us in her own car (with all of our luggage) to the right facility. Once there, she took care of everything to get Maudie cleared and good to go! One more (very long) private cab ride and we were home. Well, home at the Ibis Greenwich Hotel.

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