Our Week With Darren & Pierre

October 1, 2011

We finally found the perfect place to live… but it wouldn’t be ready for another week. Ugh. We didn’t want to spend any more time (or money) staying at the hotel. What were we to do?! Luckily, we have some amazing friends named Darren and Pierre who offered to let us stay at their house until our flat was ready. Life savers.

A little history… when Chelsea and her friend Jen backpacked across Europe 6 years ago, they stayed with Darren & Pierre in London. The boys had never met Chelsea & Jen, but were good friends with Chelsea’s cousin in San Diego… and they opened their home to the weary travelers. And they did the same for us. Chelsea and I (and Maudie) moved into their beautiful home in Belvedere, along with all of our luggage, and stayed their for a week. Apparently, we moved to London at just the right time because the weather was incredible. We spent a lot of time in their gigantic backyard… eating, drinking Pimms, working away and relaxing with the dogs. They were the best hosts you could ever ask for – educating us about The X Factor, answering our dumb questions about “British stuff” and teaching us how to get a cab when you are really, really drunk. Darren is also a master chef and treated to us to many delicious meals. We feel so lucky to have such nice friends in a new country.

To see more photos from our stay at their home, click here

~Posted by the boy~