A Pony & A Pint

December 18, 2011

After seeing this Hollywood blockbuster-like video for the 2nd Annual Greenwich Charity Pantomime Horse Race, Chelsea and I knew we had to go check it out. What is the 2nd Annual Greenwich Charity Pantomime Horse Race, you ask? Well, it is a fun-filled fundraising event that pits “horses” from local watering holes against each other in an all out race from pub to pub. Each horse is made up of 2 bartenders from small neighborhood pubs. The goal is to get donations along the way and raise money for the Demelza Hospice Care for Children. We were there supporting our favorite pub, The Pelton Arms, and our favorite bartender, Sean. According to the website, it looks like they reached their goal of £2000. But please feel free to donate and help this organization that cares for terminally ill children, as well as their families.

I have a strong feeling that if more charitable events were this fun, light-hearted and community-based… a lot more money could be raised. Just my two cents. To see all of the photos from the race, check out our Flickr page here.


The teams proudly entering the starting area, with the white-wigged event organizer.
Our team, The Pelton Arms… and a pup who thinks something is a little fishy with this horse.
And they’re off!!
Stop me if you’ve heard this one. So a unicorn and a hippo walk into a pub…
Pub #1 : with our bartender buddy, Sean. He is the rear-end (no offense, Sean) of The Pelton Arms team horse.
The race is on to Pub #2!
Pub #2 : The Greenwich Union, proudly serving Greenwich’s local brewery, Meantime.
Mmmmm… Meantime.
Off to Pub #3… which by the way, is next door to Pub #2. They just had to do a lap around the block.
That being said…this team decided to take a detour and hide behind a car to avoid the one-block trot.
Pretty damn smart, but you’re busted! Time to run.
The judge and a rear-less horse. (Sounds like a hit new court drama on the WB)
Oh there’s that ass. No, I mean it… he’s the rear-end of the last horse.
The Pelton Arms team (accompanied by a one-man blue zebra) enjoying a much deserved pint of Greenwich’s finest brew.
Horsey love.
The Pearly Queen & King of Greenwich. As far as we know, they are just locals who help out at various charity events… and wear cool outfits.
And the winner is… THE PELTON ARMS!!! Way to go, kids. You made us proud.


~Posted by the boy~