Our Adventures

A pint (or two, or three…) of Guinness

April 28, 2012 Geoff and I headed over to Ireland for our next quick trip. Our friend Lisa had been to Dublin before heading our way in London, so we were able to get a few ideas on where to go. We spent two nights in the fancy Gresham Hotel, and walked all over town. […]

Our Anniversary in Paris

March 31, 2012 Five years… That’s how long it’s been since Geoff and I met at Corie and Trae’s wedding in Santa Barbara. It was an incredible weekend, filled with fun activities and a gorgeous wedding for two of the coolest people I know. And the best part? I met my best friend, and this […]

Amsterdam. More than just clogs & cheese.

March 4, 2012 Before we even moved over to London, Chelsea and I started a list of places that we would like to visit while living here. And one by one, we are checking them off the list. Of course, since we moved here we have gotten a ton of recommendations from friends for other […]

Our Oxford Adventure

February 19, 2012 When we came to London, our original plan was to move every 6 months or so to a new city. We then learned that I would only be able to get a nursing job in London, Brighton, or Oxford. Since we had already been to Brighton, we took a quick trip to […]

Gum Art Trail

February 4, 2012 Chelsea and I subscribe to several London event blogs to find out what’s going on around town. One of our favorites is The Londonist… and once we read this line about an upcoming event, we knew we had to check it out – “Ben Wilson made his name by applying artistic designs […]

We Heart Edinburgh

January 26, 2012 Geoff and I had originally planned to visit some friends in Switzerland in January, but quickly realized it wouldn’t be possible because of time and finances. Since I had gotten a few days off of work at that time, we planned a trip a bit closer to home instead. We took a […]

Chip off the Ol’ Block

January 14, 2012 When we heard that the London Ice Sculpting Festival was only a few tube stops away at Canary Wharf, Chelsea and I were pretty excited to go check it out! Eight teams from around the world were competing for the title and they were absolute artists with blocks of ice as their […]

Out for a Stroll

January 7, 2012 It was a beautiful, crisp January morning and Chelsea was at work, so I decided to head out and explore new parts of London. I loaded up my bag with my camera, some snacks and my iPod… everything I need for a good afternoon. From there, I hopped on the train and […]

Brian & Simon Visit London!

December 23, 2011 Last summer, a group of us were out to dinner in Denver and one of the topics of discussion was our move to London. All of a sudden, Brian asked if we were going to be alone for the holidays. I said yes, because of the crazy cost to fly home. He […]

A Pony & A Pint

December 18, 2011 After seeing this Hollywood blockbuster-like video for the 2nd Annual Greenwich Charity Pantomime Horse Race, Chelsea and I knew we had to go check it out. What is the 2nd Annual Greenwich Charity Pantomime Horse Race, you ask? Well, it is a fun-filled fundraising event that pits “horses” from local watering holes […]

The Shores of Brighton

December 1, 2011 With our big move to London, one of our main goals was to get out and see Europe. So, we try to plan one trip a month outside of London. In December, Chelsea and I were looking for a fun little trip somewhere in England. Nothing too crazy. Nothing too complicated. Just […]

Barcelona : Day 4

November 17, 2011 It was our last day in Barcelona and we knew there were still some parts of the city that we hadn’t seen. So we packed up our bags, found a train station locker to store them in, and headed out with coffee in hand. It turned out to be the perfect weather […]

Barcelona : Day 3

November 16, 2011 Chels and I woke up bright and early because we knew that we wanted to spend some time exploring the Sagrada Familia. After seeing the incredible exterior of the building, we could only assume that the interior was just as wacky and mind-blowing. Luckily the rain had stopped, and we were able […]

Barcelona : Day 2

November 15, 2011 After a solid night of sleep, we woke up to a very wet and rainy city. We unpacked our umbrellas and bundled up, and made our way to the train station. Our first stop was Park Guell, a beautiful park designed by Gaudi. The park is free to the public, and has […]

Barcelona : Day 1

November 14, 2011 Our 1st anniversary was approaching and Chelsea & I knew we wanted to go somewhere fun to celebrate our big day. But where should we go? Greece? Spain? Germany? Amsterdam? I know, I know… what a problem to have. After finally deciding on Spain, we found a great deal for a getaway […]